305 On Air Studio Medium Compact IP

$33,450.00 $23,845.00
(You save $9,605.00)

The 305 On Air Medium Compact IP package is designed for those radio stations that are looking to have the most updated equipment and technology considered Top, but in turn seek to maintain a more conservative budget in a compact cab where the operator and guests share the same space.

The package comes with the console IP-12  from AudioArts which has a mode with modular Gigabit IP technology with 12-channel LED displays and lighting. 

This console includes the Mix Engine and 8 audio inputs blades. We also include a driver that replaces the need for an audio card to give a total of 9 audio entries, which can be expanded in the future as desired. We also include the WinMedia automation system with the necessary licenses for music composition. WinMedia is considered the most powerful automation system in the industry. You can have full control of the audio released into the air putting repetition rules. Please note that installation and training are not included in the package price. Anticipating that in some cases the DJ may be the main talent of the radio, we have considered a premium microphone condenser from Neumann, made in Germany, its ergonomic design and its response range from 20 Hz to 20kHz, result in excellent sound quality for the guests.  We've also included three dynamic microphones from Rode, designed especially for radio, and noise rejection filter environment that helps minimize the consonant sounds and project a clearer voice. 

All microphones are accompanied by MIKA arms with signage "On Air" designed without springs, and made of aluminum which ensure its durability and efficiency. Two digital processors  from Vorsis, where you may make pre-sets with voice settings of each of their DJ's or talents, are included in this package as well. Each of the guests can individually adjust the level of their headphones, switching on or off of their microphone, and even press a button if they need to cough, all of this thanks to the AudioArts desktop turret. 

For monitoring and returns, the DJ will have some carbon fiber monitors 8 inches, and a professional headphones from Sennheiser, with a tolerance of 1% distortion and can reproduce all frequencies providing excellent audio reference. In addition, we’re including 2 Tascam CD players with a digital audio output, a solid state recorder with a storage capacity of up to 230 hours and of course a hybrid digital phone 4 line, which DSP has a dual convergence algorithm that provides excellent separation of noise above 50 decibels, all manufactured by JK Audio. 

Finally, our package wouldn't be complete without our "On Air" signaling, and a complete package of material including acoustic bass trap, and 24 panels absorbing material.