360 Systems-MAXX 1200-EX


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MAXX -1200-EX

The EX servers provides great value for HD. It’s no surprise that a high-capacity model of 360 Systems’ MAXX-1200 should follow its acclaimed original. The EX designation establishes a new standard of value among broadcast servers—8 Terabytes of internal storage, three video channels, and a great set of production tools—all this in a compact, low-cost package.

MAXX -1200-EX

  • 3 HD-SDI Outputs
  • 1 HD-SDI Input
  • 8 channels of Embedded Audio*
  • 2 Channels of +4 Balanced Analog Audio*
  • 8 Channels of AES/EBU Audio (Option)*
  • 3 VDCP/BVW/Odetics Serial Control Inputs
  • 6 Programmable GPI Inputs
  • 6 Programmable GPI Outputs
  • 4/8 Terabyte RAID-5 Storage Array
  • Gigabit Ethernet File Transfer
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Slow Motion playback, forward/reverse
  • Remote Workstation Software
  • Advanced Playlisting Software
  • File Trimming Tools
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • FTP transfer Capable
  • Simultaneous Key-and-Fill Playout
  • *per video stream.

Three HD Channels

The 1200-EX can play three high-definition video streams, or it can record one and play two others, while simultaneously ingesting content via Ethernet. It also serves as a graphics store with linked key-and-fill capabilities. Standard features include SDI video I/O with a frame sync feature, so it can handle wild sources like tape, cameras, and satellite feeds. Eight channels of embedded audio and two channels of +4 analog audio are provided for each video stream. Audio easily expands to 24 channels for surround.

Better Images with JPEG 2000

JPEG-2000 has distinguished itself for near-lossless encoding of images and complete freedom from visual artifacts. It’s a better level of high definition image quality, well-suited for production and broadcast. JPEG-2000 is increasingly found in new cameras and transmission channels, and its easy-to-edit “I-frame” format is accepted by professional NLEs such as Grass Valley’s Edius. The 1200-EX operates at a wide range of video rates, making it an excellent choice for production, broadcast, and high-quality projection.

Workflows for the Next Generation

The 1200-EX supports file-based workflows through its fast Gigabit Ethernet link. SDI inputs and outputs, and versatile analog and digital audio options make it a smooth fit for production, broadcast, and Pro AV. Fully compatible with leading automation, the 1200-EX is well suited for play-to-air, caching satellite feeds, key-and-fill graphics, remote trucks, and slow-motion for sports.