360 Systems MAXX-2420 EX


360 Systems' High Definition 2420-EX sets a new standard among broadcast servers. Now, get four video channels, up to 16 Terabytes of storage, and a full set of server tools, all in a compact, two rack-space design.

Four High Definition Channels
The 2420-EX can play four HD video streams at once, or it can record two and play two others and simultaneously ingest content via Ethernet. It's also a graphics store with linked key-and-fill capability. Standard features include HD-SDI video I/O with frame sync, so it can handle wild sources like tape, cameras and satellite feeds. Audio formats include embedded audio, and options for AES/EBU or balanced +4 analog.
JPEG 2000 Quality Imaging
When image quality has to be high and cost manageable, JPEG 2000 is a first choice. Its wavelet-based coding is a leading format for new cameras and production, with an I-frame structure that makes editing easy. JPEG 2000 is a growing standard for sports, and the sole format in digital cinema. 360 Systems offers JPEG-2000 at bandwidths to suit every level of image quality.
Managing Today's Workflows
The 2420-EX supports file-based work-flow over Gigabit Ethernet, using affordable, real-time transcoding from Ipera and Telestream. It?s file compatible with Grass Valley's Edius NLE, with Infinity JPEG 2000 MXF. The 2420-EX is well suited as a play-to-air server, as a cache for satellite ingest, a graphics store, and in remote trucks for sports. It operates with VDCP automation and Odetics controllers.
  • Two record channels.
  • Four HD-SDI outputs.
  • Four SD monitoring outputs.
  • Fault-tolerant RAID-5 protection of stored content.
  • Up to 300 hours of storage @ 80 Mb/sec.
  • Redundant power* and cooling.
  • Includes trimming, segmenting, and playlisting tools, plus As-Run logs.
  • Remote workstation software.
  • Slow-motion forward and reverse.
  • File import/export on Gigabit Ethernet.
  • All audio formats: Embedded audio, +4 analog, and AES/EBU digital.
  • 8 audio channels per video stream.
  • Full-featured Graphic User Interface.
  • Hot-swap drives with easy access.
  • Industry leader in price and performance.
*Optional components