ELENOS E-Learning Level 1


ELENOS E-Learning Level 1

Every day there are more and more ELENOS users around the world. Radio stations recognize our transmitters for their efficiency, savings in electricity consumption, technological innovation, and excellent technical support.
As a result, service demand for our products has increased over the last couple of years. Following this success we decided to create a program called "ELENOS Certified" which is designed for Engineers and Technicians in the broadcast industry. Through this workshop participants will learn in depth how to install, operate, and optimize each of the transmitters from the ELENOS brand.
Upon completion, participants will apply their new knowledge in their respective territories as technical specialist in ELENOS transmitters.

Program benefits

Each participant will be entitled to receive:

  • A certificate of ELENOS. This diploma provides the technician with the necessary recognition to pose as an authorized technician in the operation and maintenance of ELENOS transmitters.
  • Personalized training on ELENOS technology.
  • International recognition as ELENOS Certified.
  • May receive referrals from ELENOS and/or 305 Broadcast to serve users in their territory.
  • 305 Broadcast and/or ELENOS will use their services to cover guarantees and other requirements.
  • Direct support from 305 Broadcast and ELENOS.

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