ELENOS Echos 6 +1 System


ELENOSEchos 6 +1 System


ECOS (Elenos Change Over System) is a line of products that includes different versions of N +1 exchange systems for FM transmitters, in response to the need of both private radio and government broadcasting systems. 

Through the ECOS systems, there is a possibility to ensure multiple transmissions simultaneously and the continuous operation from a single location, with uniform configurations and reduced weight/dimensions.

ECOS 6 is the optimal solution for remote, unattended transmitter sites, in critical environmental and climatic conditions: the right choice where immediate service or maintenance can not be easily implemented.

The purpose of the ECOS product line is to enable the operation of a multiple transmitters for achieving redundancy – up to a maximum number of 6-with an additional “reserve” transmitter, available as a back-up substitute. 

ECHOS6 is the control unit of the system.



Synaptic System

Advanced Settings


It does the real-time analysis of the status of the transmitters, antenna system performance and of the array of audio inputs into the transmitters. The ECOS6 provides transmitter RF or/or audio switching when any of the transmitters is in a fault conditions in order to activate a reserve transmitter to replace the unit out in a fault condition. ECHOS 6 provides audio backup for MPX, (or optional AES-EBU or XLR L/R) and auxiliary channels.

The ECOS6 AUDIO MATRIX module provides the switching of the audio signals, through an array of electromechanical relays.

There is also an antenna relay system that interfaces through standard connectors to the ECHOS 6 unit.

N +1 systems can be installed without opening the rack, as each unit is fully wired inside, with the I/O connectors positioned on the outer panel.

It is also equipped with fans in order to provide air flow out of the rack.

With Elenos Remote control systems it is possible to receive system performance data on the N+1 system and any of the individual Transmitters and to also provide remote control and configuration to the system through: SMS, GPRS, WEB, SNMP.





Configurable from N = 1 (1+1 HSBY) or N+1 where N = 2-6.
Ability to assign different priority levels for the use of the standby transmitter.
Operation can be executed in local or remote mode, and either in automatic or manual settings.
User programmable timer for triggering events.
Configurable Switch Timing.
Ability to use transmitters of many different brands different from Elenos (please check for certified models).



The system is delivered ready to be programmed and operated.
The installation does not require a special setup at the location.



Front panel with summary LEDs/Buttons/Control and OLED display, for an immediate and intuitive control of the system status.
Immediate control of the most important operating parameters with direct access throughout buttons.
“Reset” button for a quick recovery of the original system configuration.
Maximum switching speed (less than 2 seconds to perform the switching).



Remote control through standard parallel interface (TLC/TLS), IEE485/RS232, TCP/IP.
Web server and SNMP protocol.
SMS sending (external GPRS/3G/4G modem).



Opto-isolated inputs and outputs to dry contact relays with separate and electrically isolated power supply.
Set configuration maintained in case of failure.
Intelligent switching management in the event of a power failure during the execution of exchange transactions.


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