Elenos ET10000x


Continuous innovation in FM Broadcast

10kW in just 6RU Radio FM Transmitter
Analog and Digital modulation available

Suitable for:

• Very high power stations in extremely small places •
• N+1 Systems, with very strong size reduction •
• Reserve in high power N+1 systems •
• Amplifier module for modern high power transmitters •
• Jolly transmitter for any FM application •



Elenos ET10000x transmitter consists of 1 modulator in 2RU and 1 amplifier in 4RU



Higher compactness means:

•The smallest dimensions available•
•Increased ease of installation•
•Increased ease of maintenance•
•Lower shipping costs•
•Lower station costs•



Higher electric efficiency

Lower electricity cost
Simpler heat exchange system
Light weight
Reduced dimensions
Lower consumption fans
Lower internal temperatures
Higher reliability


Power Pack – Designed by Elenos



Several years ago, because of the low quality of OEM Switching Power Supplies – even among industrial supplies – we started to design and manifacture our own supply. Today our power supply can adjust the output voltage from typically 25 VDC (this value can vary with the model of transmitter from 16 to 28 VDC) up to 50 VDC in order to obtain the maximum efficiency at any RF power level