ELENOS ET10000XD-SD 10,000 Watt Compact Stereo Direct-to-Channel Transmitter Single Drive




10000 Watt Stereo Compact Indium Digital Transmitter Single Drive


Stereo coder, Eco-Saving Technology, O-Led Graphic Interface, TC/TS board for remote controls and interlock. Includes  the Profile board to be used in 1+1 or N+1 systems.  220/380 Volt switching power supply system with PFC, Telemetry and SMS capability are available throught external GSM modem(optional) or Echos 3 (optional). Webserver and SNMP controls. Composed by  E 10000 X Amplifier +  ETG 20 Digital Indium.


20 Watt Indium Digital Exciter

DIRECT TO CHANNEL , AES/EBU INPUT , Stereo coder,  Webserver and SNMP controls with external E.Box. Telemetry and SMS capability are available throught external GSM modem (optional) or Echos 3 (optional). 

 The new E10000X amplifier is the latest of a series of Elenos devices, from the Italian manufacturer that proudly boasts a world record: being the first, ever, 12 years ago, to concern itself with energy conservation in the context of broadcasting.


10,000 Watt Indium Compact Amplifier in 4 Rack Units

Switching power supply system with PFC (230 V. Singlephase), high performance. Proportional logic protections, uninterruptable operation, 14x800 W power modules coupled.



The new E10000X amplifier is the latest of a series of Elenos devices, from the Italian manufacturer that proudly boasts a world record: being the first, ever, 12 years ago, to concern itself with energy conservation in the context of broadcasting. 

The market trend for limiting consumption and costs was in the air, which is why the planning staff have prioritised this opportunity. In 2007 the economic crisis arrived, but at that time Elenos had already improved its products and had a complete catalogue with a very high energy efficiency range at its disposal, Which was ideal for adopting energy saving  policies on consumption. The possibility of programming power, already present in the original projects, was then further improved,allowing for an even more significant saving on electricity.



It is the result of a long investment in research and of the very high competence of Elenos’ Team. So the revolutionary E10000X is finally arrived! It is a highly powerful FM amplifier that can boast an unbeatable range of characteristics of compactness, electrical efficiency and
weight. The apparatus can be contained in just 4 rack units, but can provide 10kW of RF power in the 87.5-108 MHz range with a total electrical efficiency within 70% and 75%. E10000X is a highly versatile and effective solution, and can be installed in stand-alone mode, or used as a reserve for more powerful systems, but can also be used as a base module for very powerful amplifiers.



Smart Design

Extremely contained dimensions, lightweight, clean layout, easy maintenance and servicing.

Low energy consumption

Highly reduced electricity consumption and operating costs thanks to innovative and accurate design techniques.


Very high reliability and a capacity to maintain operating functionality even under extreme conditions, thanks to intelligent protection systems, Icefet technology and Lifextender algorithms.

Total control

Accurate, detailed data on the device’s operation, available at an analytical level (voltages, currents, powers, temperatures, efficiency, protections, settings, audio levels, communications).Remote connection possible via SMS, GPRS, SNMP and WEB.

Digital ready

The FM Amplifier is ready for analog+digital or digital transmission. With the new Elenos FM Amplifier you will catch the best opportunity to face FM digital future challenges.



  • Output Nominal Power 10000 W Analog Mode
  • Operating band 87.5 ÷ 108 MHz
  • RS232/RS485 Yes. Connector DB9 female
  • Points of measure RF Sample
  • Displayed Parameters More than 50 parameters displayed on a wide graphic OLED
  • Adjustments From the frontal panel through OLED/from PC
  • Number of L-DMOS in amplifier stage 14 x BLF188XR
  • RF power stage technology ICEFET & ECOSAVING
  • Dimensions: Rack units 4U
  • Dimensions: W - H - D 48.5 - 17.6 - 74 cm
  • Weight 45 Kg
  • Number of power supplies 3 (93 % of efficiency)
  • Number of cooling fans 6 Controlled speed
  • RF Output connector 1 + 5/8”
  • RF Input connector N



  • Output impedance 50 Ω
  • Automatic RF power control Stabilizes the output power at the set value
  • Overall output power RF stability +/- 0,1 dB
  • VSWR 2:1 at full power. Automatic power
  • reduction beyond 1.7:1 in foldback mode.
  • High speed protection against open and short circuit.
  • Driving power 1.8W *
  • Protections Proportional protection against excess of temperature, currents, VSWR.
  • Smart protections against the propagation of faults.



  • Power supply 230/400 VAC 50 ÷ 60 Hz
  • Power consumption (typical) 13.7 KW Analog Mode
  • Overall efficiency (typical from -3 dB to Pnom) 70 ÷ 75 % within 87.5 ÷ 108 MHz
  • Power factor > 0.95
  • Current Connsumption @ 230VAC/single phase 60 A
  • Current Consumption @ 400VAC/three phase 20 A
  • Cooling system Forced air-cooling variable flow



  • Temperature range (operating) -5 ÷ +45 °C, 23 ÷ 113 °F
  • Temperature range (non operating) -20 ÷ +55 °C, -4 ÷ 131 °F
  • Humidity range (operating) 95% @ 40 °C, 104 °F
  • Humidity range (non operating) 90% @ 55 °C, 131 °F
  • Altitude range (operating) <3000 meters / <9840 Feet
  • Altitude range (non operating) <15000 meters / < 49200 Feet



  • Remote control: Yes
  • Remote control, dry contacts: Yes
  • SNMP option: Yes
  • Web option: Yes



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