Wheatstone AirAura X3FM


Vorsis AirAura X3FM

FM Digital Audio Processor


The AirAura X3FM provides extensive measurement of the pre and post-processed audio, allowing the user to visualize in real time exactly what the processor is doing. Details such as when and how the AirAura clipper's distortion management system is operating, and the dynamic range in each part of the audio spectrum (a Vorsis-exclusive) are readily viewed via dual front panel-widescreen-displays which show extensive detail about the processor's operation. In addition to real-time measurement of input, output, and RMS (loudness) output levels, its comprehensive metering also shows all gain reduction activity. Specialized analysis functions exclusive to Vorsis offer an overview of input or processed audio. The AirAura also offers extensive remote control via wired 10-100BaseT Ethernet and on-board 802.11G wireless.

AirAura incorporates a newly designed final clipper technology that provides cleaner, clearer, mid and high frequency detail without the smearing, dulling and other artifacts commonly associated with managing the FM pre-emphasis curve when processing for competitive loudness. The dramatically lower distortion of this new clipper technology in combination with improvements in the multiband AGC and Vorsis Bass Management System (VBMS) results in a competitive on-air signal that reveals every nuance of the original source material.



  • New flagship super digital audio spectral processor
  • New Five-band AGC with Sweet Spot Technology tuning capabilities.
  • New final clipping technology – very clean and very loud – New 31-band limiter algorithms.
  • New left/right analog output routing for FM processing
  • New equalizer offers both parametric and Baxandall-style shelving EQ.
  • New bass management system with enhanced tuning features
  • New high performance stereo generator with DSB and SSB encoding methods
  • WheatNet-IP compatible
  • New Wheatstone® baseband192 built in for digital link to transmitter
  • New Guru GUI tuning capabilities
  • New comprehensive security features designed for mixed-use sites
  • New post-processed loudness analysis conforms to BS-1770-S standards
  • New preset storage for up to 160 processing presets
  • Exclusive Stereo Multipath Limiter mitigates multipath and weak signal-induced receiver blending
  • Analog, digital and WheatNet-IP audio I/O with automatic 'failback to primary'
  • Remote control via wired Ethernet connectivity


New advanced analysis features for displaying internal and external signals:


  • Internal FFT for FM Left/Right audio or MPX Stereo Baseband
  • External FFT MPX input
  • Loudness according to BS-1770 algorithm
  • Energy versus Frequency
  • 3-D plot of spectral content vs. time
  • Spectral Dynamic Range
  • Display of AirAura's clipper distortion masking activity