305 - AKG 8 - 4NN Antenna System Package

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AOL BROADCAST AOLAKG8-4NN FM Antenna System 4 dipoles, Circular Polarization, Narrow Band, Gain 4,5 db, Power 800W, Connector In N".

Composed of  4 Antennas AKG/8, 1 Power Divider GACN/4N, 4 Cables CR213N2.5, 1 Clamp SAGA/2.

AKG 8 FM Narrow-band Antenna Features:

  • Omni directional antenna.
  • Circular polarization.
  • Narrow band.
  • Very resistant, yet very light..
  • Entirely made of stainless steel.
  • Due to the inherent selectivity, user must specify frequency of use when ordering.
  • For proper functioning, antenna must be mounted on a pole support and should not have any other antennas or metal structures nearby.