305 Talk Show Room Medium

$7,135.00 $5,813.88
(You save $1,321.12)


This is the area where the main talent and guests come together for live shows. In this package, we’ve included 4 Rode Procaster dynamic microphones; all with their respective microphone arms, popper stopper, shockmounts. Each microphone is connected to the processor, model 286, from DBX.

We’re also including, 4 Henry Guest Pod, so every talent or guest could adjust the level of hearing to his/her convenience. Additionally, we also offer 2 pairs of headphones from Sennheiser. 

This package includes a Flasher to board members realize an incoming call.

For monitoring, the package comes with a self-powered monitors 5 inch, with wall brackets.

Finally, we’ve included the "ON AIR" signage, a complete package of acoustic material including acoustic bass trap, and 20 panels absorbing material, audio cables and connectors.