CG5 NET IP - Multichannel SD/HD - Versión 6.0


Generation and insertion of characters and logos in real time; time, temperature and timers on screen, multi-layer editor; create, import and edit graphics BMP, TGA, TIF, JPG, PSD. etc., over 200 templates SD/HD for different types of programs, supports True Type Fonts, automatically or manually play modes, pre view on screen, controlling by keyboard/ mouse or optional remote control, back up to dvd, allows videos with alpha channels of live, analog and digital clocks, multiple rolls and crawls on the screen, multiple animated logos and many more features.



  • Video and Graphics & Alpha by IP
  • Connection via Gigabit Ethernet.

HD Formats Supported: PAL / NTSC:

  • 720p 24fr, 25 fr,29fr,30fr,50fr, 59fr, 60fr, 1080i 50fr, 59fr, 60 fr, 1080p 24fr, 25fr, 29fr, 30fr.
  • SD Formats supported


Hardware Requirements:

Computer with INTEL processor, Power 430W, 3 Hard Disc, PCI Express Video Card 1 GB DDR3, DVD, 4U Cabinets on RACK, Windows SEVEN, keyboard and mouse