Comrex TCB-2


The TCB-2 automatically answers a telephone line on the first ring and disconnects that line when the calling party hangs up. It is ideal for unattended situations such as listen lines, IFB feeds, dial-up network, remote transmitter sites and satellite links. The TCB-2 needs a momentary open or reversal from the central office to disconnect. Most but not all CO's provide this signal. The TCB-2 is powered by an external AC or DC Supply.

Features Comrex Auto-Answer and Manual Telephone Couplers provide clean, transparent transformer connections from telephone lines to external audio equipment. State of the art circuits and rugged construction assure highest quality and years of reliable service. Both couplers feature modular jacks for quick installation by non-technical personnel. Comrex Telephone Couplers are designed and FCC registered specifically for broadcast use. Program may either be sent or received on both the auto-answer or manual models.