JK Audio Bluedriver M3

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Wireless Audio Interface

 Our BlueDriver™ series audio interfaces use Bluetooth Wireless Technology* to send and receive audio from your professional audio equipment.

BlueDriver™ now features HD Voice technology, allowing 7 kHz Wide Band Speech when used with compatible phones on compatible networks. Read our HD Voice primer for more details.

BlueDriver-F3™ plugs directly into a dynamic mic or the mic level output from a mixing console. Pair to your Bluetooth enabled cell phone or headset. The 3.5 mm stereo jack contains a mic level output suitable for recording, with the clean mic signal on the left channel and the Bluetooth return on the right.

BlueDriver-M3™ plugs into the mic input channel of a mixer. Pair to your Bluetooth equipped cell phone or headset. The 3.5 mm jack will accept a signal from the headphone output of the mixer for transmission back to the cell phone or headset.

A switch on either unit selects between connection to a 3rd party Bluetooth headset, or a cell phone.

Headset Connect:

Pair BlueDriver™ to your 3rd party Bluetooth headset. Some Bluetooth headsets allow you to switch between your audio device and a cell phone.

Phone Connect:

Pair BlueDriver™ to your cell phone to call into the station or bring in caller audio.


  • HD Voice (Wide-Band Speech) Compatible
  • BlueDriver-M3 = 3 pin male XLR
    3.5 mm line level input
    Mini USB power jack
  • >10 hours on internal Li-Ion battery
  • Made in USA



  • BlueDriver-M3 = 3.5 mm stereo, 
  • 20k ohms, -10 dBu nom.


  • BlueDriver-M3 = 3 pin male XLR, 
  • 1.1k ohms, -34 dBu nom.

Bluetooth Standard: 3.0

Bluetooth profiles:

  • HF = full duplex voice, 300Hz – 3400Hz
  • HD Voice (Wide Band Speech) =  50 Hz - 7 kHz
  • A2DP = 30Hz – 17 kHz, master to slave

Frequency Response: End-to-End Latency = 150 ms under Bluetooth A2DP Profiles.

Range: 66 feet (20 meters)

Battery: Internal Lithium-Ion Polymer rechargeable

Power: 120-240 VAC power supply (included).

Size: 1.1” x 4.4” (2.8 cm x 11.2 cm)

Weight: 2.1 ounces (60 grams)

*The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by JK Audio, Inc. is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.