JK AUDIO Daptor Three

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Daptor Three

Wireless Audio Interface


XLR Connectivity for your Bluetooth Device.

Daptor Three is a simple, professional audio interface using Bluetooth Wireless Technology. Daptor Three connects to your cell phone like any other Bluetooth enabled headset. It will also connect to any other product, such as a laptop, that allows a wireless headset connection.

Transmit, Receive or 2-way Handsfree

Daptor Three functions as either a Master or Headset device. In Master mode, Daptor Three connects to headsets or headset type devices, transmitting A2DP audio, or initiating a 2-way voice band connection to a headset. In Headset mode, Daptor Three connects to wireless phones, computers, or Bluetooth dongles, receiving A2DP audio or a 2-way Hands Free connection.