Ross Carbonite Black


Carbonite Black


Bigger, Better, Beautiful.


The most successful production switcher ever just got better.

Carbonite Black brings expanded I/O and ME count to the Carbonite series, with a new control panel, 3 Full MEs, 36 inputs, and 22 outputs – plus all of the superior features found in other Carbonite models such as MiniMEs, MultiScreen, 3G and UHD (4K) format support.

Carbonite has been the favored choice of many media organizations with production requirements for a mid-sized 1, 2 or 2.5 ME production switcher. For many larger productions, operators have expressed the desire for an expanded version of Carbonite that retains all the familiar, highly desirable features and capabilities. Carbonite Black is the answer to that request and delivers even more.


Carbonite Black Frame

Minimum space, Maximum power.

  • 2 Rack Units – standard BNCs
  • 36 inputs
  • 22 outputs
  • 3 full MEs with 4 Keyers
  • 8 DVEs (4 in Frame Sync mode)
  • 4 MiniMEs with 2 MultiScreen Modes
  • 2 MultiViewers
  • 4 MediaStore channels
  • SD, HD, 3G & UHD (4K) processing
  • 6 Frame Synchronizers & Format converters (0 with 8 DVE)
  • ViewControl – touchscreen production control
  • DashBoard control integration
  • XPression motion graphics integration
  • BlackStorm video clip player integration